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Triple - A

Special Properties

Typical Uses

Triple - A has been specifically designed for the bonding of Metals, Plastics, Ceramics etc. - suitable for all industries, including, Engineering, Electronics, lift Manufacturers, Jewellery, Dental Technicians, Loudspeaker Manufacturers.


The Health & Safety Benefits of Triple - A are centred around the low odour and increased flashpoint, radically reducing the need for a high degree of ventilation and the risks associated with highly flammable product.


The advantages evident in Triple - A have been achieved by the development of a brand new, high tech curing system and not by masking the odour produced by similar products on the market - a genuine low-fume, low odour and safer product.


As a toughened acrylic Triple - A is ideally suited to the bonding of dissimilar substrates or of substrates which are under constant and varying loads.