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a range of tapesWe sell a range of adhesive tapes including double sided, high bond strength and lithographic.

Tape sizes range from 12mm – 50mm. We can also arrange for tapes to be cut to size.



Double sided tape
Masking tape
Foam tape (double and single sided)
Cloth tape
High performance bonding tapes
Lithographic tape
Magnetic tape
Velcro hook and loop fastener

A guide of adhesive tape application


To guarantee optimum adhesion, surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and grease free. Anti-adhesive substances on surfaces, such as dust, grease or wax-based silicone polishes must be removed before bonding.

Application of adhesive tapes


An adhesive tape should stick after application of moderate pressure at ambient temperature (18C - 25C). To obtain maximum initial adhesion, even pressure should be applied. The earliest way of achieving this is by finger pressure or using a small hand roller. In both cases, firm pressure should be applied along the entire length of the tape. If the adhesive bond or seal is not suitable for the application, please contact us for information on an alternative product.


Adhesive Brokers Limited do not accept and liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of these products. Customers should satisfy themselves by appropriate trials that each product is suitable for its intended use.