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Aquabond 50




New 'Emulsion Glue' - Aquabond 50


Aquabond 50 is a one part adhesive that adheres well to many materials including flexible PVC and Vinyl's, fabrics, leather, canvas, board and many others, to wood, metal, MDF, chipboard etc. -most combinations are worth a try - all that's needed is one surface with some absorbency.



The high viscosity works well with porous materials and its thixotropic nature allow for ease of brushing etc. The high initial tack is beneficial for early handling of the products after bonding.



Aquabond 50 is excellent for the covering of partitions and panels.


Coverage, dependant upon the materials being bonded is up to 20 sq metres per litre.


Available in 25 litre and 5 litre jerricans.

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